Private Coaching with Heidi

The defining moments in our lives never come from doing the same things we've always done.

It's time to stop wondering 'what if' while feeling like you're stuck sitting in the waiting room of life and start waking up each day excited about your relationships and what you're contributing to the world! 


There's a version of you that is present, fulfilled, and confident. She's already inside of you, there are just a few things blocking her from fully showing up, let's get those out of the way!

Find out if private coaching is right for you.

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Why we feel stuck

The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.

Naturally many of us find ourselves unconsciously operating from a place of judgment, comparison, fear, and lack. We are either stuck in the past or worried about the future and even though we know we should feel grateful, it can feel like what we have is never enough or worse, WE are never enough.


It can look as if happiness is something that lies outside of us. We can unconsciously believe that happiness is something we can buy at Target or something that someone else's approval can provide us. 

We believe that our outside circumstances need to change right now...  


  • We need to lose weight

  • Complete everything on our to-do list

  • Our home needs to look perfect

  • Our kids need to be well mannered and not-so demanding

  • Our partner needs to... (you fill in the blank)

  • Our business or job needs to take less time out of our day...

All of this and then we can finally be happy! 

Sounds exhausting, right?

If you're like I was, some days you're living this thought pattern constantly. Regaining control over your thoughts and worries can seem impossible at times and no wonder with this checklist playing on repeat! There's nothing wrong with you and you are not broken. It's just time to stop doing what's no longer working for you and apply some new tools to help you get present, clear, and focused so you can live life to the fullest!

here's the good news

Our mind doesn't have to be our master.


I believe that the answer to finding lasting fulfillment is already within each of us. My job as a coach is to provide you with the tools, accountability,  and guidance to help get you there. 

This is not just about having a good attitude or positive self-talk. This is much more complex and powerful and it will change you at the core. 

Just Imagine...

✔ Clarity around your passions, principals, and purpose

✔ Finally taking those aligned action steps toward your goals and dreams
✔ Being more present and patient regardless of what's happening at the moment
✔ Reducing your self-judgment and critical inner voice
✔ Releasing your most nagging worries 
✔ Bravely moving beyond the false stories and fears that have held you back
✔ Creating self-care routines that support a healthier relationship with yourself
✔ Having closer relationships and a better marriage 
✔ Confidence in your path to learning & growth 
✔ More ease and joy in each day 
✔ Living up to your full potential 
✔ Loving yourself unconditionally

The universe presents us with opportunities to

align our path with our truth.

the path toward growth& healing

Everyone's path and starting points look different, that's why I try to avoid using cookie-cutter or one size fits all program outlines. I offer Private 1:1 Coaching + the transformative 21 Day Q Process from the comfort of your own home. I provide guidance and hold the space for you to have your own unique discoveries in a way that is judgment-free and feels safe. Only you have the answers and know what's best for you; I'm here to help you work through that process.  

You already have the compass and the maps inside of you!


I  believe that life is our classroom and everyone and every situation has something to teach us. 

I help you find the lessons for yourself so you can bust through your fears and start creating the life you desire. ​​ My approach involves personalized private coaching with mindset work, shifting perspectives, and recognizing blocks or stories that have held you back from having the relationships, business, and results you desire most.


We'll work on creating and implementing intentional daily routines and practices that support your goals along with organizational practices to help you stay on track. Once the foundation is set, we deep dive into the transformative 21-Day Q Process™, working through past stories and limiting beliefs using the system in a group or individual format (depending on registration dates).  You will learn powerful 'aware-apy' practices through hands-on application. 

We will create actionable steps toward your specific business or personalized goals as we work together to empower new ways of thinking and being so that you can embody your best self.

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