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We offer a variety of workshops on topics ranging from Decluttering your Home & Life, Managing Stress & Overwhelm, Goal Setting, Conflict Resolution, Mental Toughness to Breathwork, and Yoga. 

Check out our current workshop offerings below.

We can also customize a presentation for your particular group or organizational needs.

In Unbeatable Mind’s The Big 4 of Mental Toughness, you will learn principles taught to and further refined by 20 year retired Navy SEAL Commander and New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Divine presented by Licenced Unbeatable Mind coach Ryan Sawyer. 

You will learn: 

  • Proper Goal Setting 

  • How to Use Breath Control to Calm your Body and Mind

  • How to Visualize Success 

  • Staying Positive with Self-talk

These methods are designed to forge mental toughness through the application of integrated mind and body training.


You will learn daily practices that have been taught in global warrior traditions for thousands of years integrated with cutting edge methods of peak performance.

Unbeatable Mind

Our breath is powerful, all of our emotions correlate with different patterns of breathing. It's the one thing that never leaves us, from the moment we are born to the moment we pass, we have our breath. It is also the one system in our body that is both automatic and consciously controlled.

Ryan Sawyer, Co-Owner/ Coach (IHP Coaching), Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach, and Certified Kokoro Yoga Instructor will host these virtual workshops. This is a great series of foundational workshop to begin a daily practice, to help you discover what breath can transform in your life.

Start to notice how utilizing intentional breathing techniques can have a profound impact on everything from your physical and mental performance to how you handle stress.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having a regular breath practice:

  • Reduced Stress/ Anxiety

  • Better Focus/ Mental Clarity/ Decision Making

  • Increased Energy

  • More Regular Digestion

  • Restful Sleep

  • Better Immunity

  • Improved Athletic Performance

Join us to learn more and take home a plan to start your daily practice.

Three-Part Breath Workshop Series: 
Breath Part I: Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity
Breath Part II: Putting it all Into Practice
Breath Part III: Increasing Physical + Mental Performance

Improve your relationships starting with the most important relationship you have- the one you have with yourself. The Mindfulness Center in Southern Maine identifies the five core skills of mindfulness as:

  • Clarifying, setting, and reaffirming intention:

What am I practicing?

  • Cultivating a witnessing awareness:

Developing meta-cognition, state awareness, and practicing outer non-reactivity while witnessing the inner landscape.

  • Stabilizing Attention:

Staying focused, placing attention on your intention.

  • Strengthening Self-Regulation:

Settling negative energy intentionally, bringing the whole brain back online.

  • Practicing Loving Kindness:

Calming the inner critic and self-judgment, practicing non-judgmental awareness and kindness, and compassion for yourself and others.

The Q Process™ integrates these five principles in a 21-day structured reflection tool to reframe triggering experiences.

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