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We offer a variety of workshops on topics ranging from Self Leadership, Decluttering your Home & Life, Managing Stress & Overwhelm, Goal Setting, Conflict Resolution, Mental Toughness to Breathwork, and Yoga.

We can also customize a presentation for your particular group or organizational needs. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your event or organizational needs.

Unbeatable Teams

Certified Coach and former national championship college football Coach Ryan Sawyer teaches the key principals to success on the playing field of life and business!

This interactive workshop is based on the Unbeatable Mind The Big 4 of Mental Toughness, you will learn principles taught to and further refined by 20-year retired Navy SEAL Commander and New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Divine presented by Licenced Unbeatable Mind coach Ryan Sawyer. 

You will learn daily practices that have been taught in global warrior traditions for thousands of years integrated with cutting edge methods of peak performance.

  • How to Use Breath Control to Calm your Body and Mind

  • How to Visualize Success

  • Micro-Goal Setting

  • Attitude Control, and much more!

These methods are designed to forge mental toughness through the application of integrated mind and body training. 

Becky Benson

Rise Women's Community

I was thrilled to have Heidi have speak recently to my Rise Women’s Community group during my annual Rise workshop. The dedication Heidi put into her thoughtful discussion created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encouraged all the women in the room to be inspired to create change in their own lives, grow from a place of nurturing self-acceptance, and move forward with grace and resiliency. Heidi’s heart to help others is evident in all she does, and she does it all with such a kind and caring attitude

Tricia Johnson

Washinton Multifamily Housing Association

I had the pleasure of having Ryan and Heidi Sawyer present to our membership during a virtual networking event in May. They were great to work with, they were prepared and provided clear, concise information to our members. Their presentation was engaging and informative. They also provided a written summary of their presentation that we could send to our members post-event. We enjoyed having them. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a coach.

Cheree Sauer

Heartfelt Mamas

My husband and I took Ryan’s intro to breath workshop. My husband meditates on a regular basis and I have some experience with breathing practices but Ryan broke down the mechanics of breathing. He explained how to do it, why to do it and how it can be applied for various reasons. My husband and I both came out with tangible practices to do everyday. We highly recommend any of their breathwork workshops.

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